Wicked Dodges Moana 2, Faces Off Against Gladiator 2
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Wicked Dodges Moana 2, Faces Off Against Gladiator 2

Jul 01, 2024 11:11 PM

Warner Bros. Discovery has advanced the release date for "Wicked" to November 22, aiming to sidestep a clash with Disney's "Moana 2," which debuts on November 27. This move will place "Wicked" in direct competition with Ridley Scott's "Gladiator 2." "Wicked," a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz," explores the origin story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and her relationship with Glinda. Directed by Jon M. Chu, the film stars Cynthia Erivo as Elphaba and Ariana Grande as Glinda. The sequel, "Wicked: Part 2," is already scheduled for a November 26, 2025 release.

What is "Wicked" about?

"Wicked" is a prequel to "The Wizard of Oz" focusing on the origin story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and her friendship with Glinda. The narrative delves into themes of discrimination and privilege, portraying how Elphaba, marginalized for her green skin, and Glinda, a witch of status, navigate their intertwined destinies.

"Wicked" originates from the Broadway musical of the same name, which debuted in 2003 and became a massive hit, winning multiple awards including three Tony Awards. The musical itself was based on the novel "Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" by Gregory Maguire, which reimagines the classic "The Wizard of Oz" story from the perspective of the witch. With Jon M. Chu at the helm, known for "Crazy Rich Asians," the adaptation promises a grand cinematic spectacle that retains the essence of its beloved source material.

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N3rdo N3rdo commented on: 2024-07-02 00:36:03
Skipping the clash with Moana 2 definitely seems like a strategic move for Warner Bros., but facing off with Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 is still a gutsy call. Given Jon M. Chu's knack for visually stunning storytelling, Wicked might just have the charm to hold its ground.
Miss Peachy Miss Peachy commented on: 2024-07-02 00:24:03
Looks like Warner Bros. Discovery is making a smart move to avoid a box office clash with Disney's Moana 2, but going up against Gladiator 2 still seems like a bold and risky play. Given the star-studded cast and the legacy of the Wicked Broadway hit, Jon M. Chu's adaptation could enchant audiences just in time for the holiday season.
Rolling R!ck Rolling R!ck commented on: 2024-07-02 00:18:03
Looks like Warner Bros. is playing a strategic game of release-date Tetris with Wicked, jumping ahead to outmaneuver Moana 2. That clash with Ridley Scott's Gladiator 2 is gonna make for some tough choices at the box office, but I’m stoked to see how Jon M. Chu's take on this beloved Broadway hit translates to the big screen
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