You won't believe Payday 3's Bizarre 'Offline Mode' Requirement
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You won't believe Payday 3's Bizarre 'Offline Mode' Requirement

Jun 25, 2024 4:22 PM

The recent news highlights that Starbreeze Entertainment is introducing an "offline mode" for Payday 3, though it still requires an online connection to initiate. Dubbed the Solo Mode Beta, this feature addresses the long-standing "online only" criticism. However, initial performance issues may occur, as server tasks will shift to player hardware. The mode is set to improve over time, and a future patch will aim to establish genuine offline capability. The update, alongside the "Boys in Blue" expansion releasing on June 27, 2024, adds new content including a playable character and weapons.

Does Payday 3's new offline mode mean players can play without any online connection?n

No, despite being called an "offline mode," players still need an online connection to start the game. True offline functionality is expected to be implemented through future updates.

Payday 3, released in September 2023, faced several issues at launch, particularly with server stability, leading to multiple apologies from Starbreeze. Despite a significant player base initially, Payday 3's active users have significantly decreased, with many preferring to play its predecessor, Payday 2. The game's developer, Starbreeze, remains committed to addressing these issues and enhancing the gaming experience over time.

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