You won't believe Waller's wild dance in Suicide Squad Isekai
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You won't believe Waller's wild dance in Suicide Squad Isekai

Jun 27, 2024 7:23 PM

The first three episodes of Suicide Squad Isekai are now available for streaming on Max, bringing unexpected excitement. With animation by WIT Studio, known for Attack on Titan and Spy x Family, fans are raving about the show's ending theme. The surprise factor? Amanda Waller's dance moves, choreographed to the song "Go-Getters" by Vtuber Mori Calliope, have left viewers stunned and entertained. The ending also features iconic DC villains like Harley Quinn and Peacemaker in a dance-off, further emphasizing the trend of comic book heroes showing off their dance skills. This catchy ending theme has spurred social media reactions, making the anime a must-watch.

Who animated the Suicide Squad Isekai series?

The Suicide Squad Isekai series was animated by WIT Studio, the same studio famous for Attack on Titan and Spy x Family.

Suicide Squad Isekai, first announced at Anime Expo 2023, places the infamous DC villains in a fantastical world. Tasked with freeing the fantasy land from an oppressive imperial army, the team faces potential death via Waller's bombs if they fail within 72 hours. The show's blend of fantasy elements and familiar characters has intrigued fans, especially those who enjoy unique takes on established franchises.

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