Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6: Shocking Similarities Revealed
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Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6: Shocking Similarities Revealed

Jul 02, 2024 1:59 PM

In an unexpected crossover, senior developers from Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6 recently engaged in a roundtable discussion revolving around game design philosophies. The meeting featured Zhenyu Li, Shuhei Matsumoto, and Takayuki Nakayama, who explored how action games and fighting games share core design principles. Both teams are focused on creating engaging gameplay mechanics that keep players invested. Zenless Zone Zero's tag system and Street Fighter 6’s Drive Impact serve as examples of how these principles are put into practice, making both games accessible yet deep for all players.

What do Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6 have in common?

Both Zenless Zone Zero and Street Fighter 6 incorporate game mechanics that provide immediate player feedback, ensuring engaging and satisfying gameplay. While Zenless Zone Zero uses a tag system for dynamic character swaps, Street Fighter 6 features the Drive Impact system that allows for powerful moves with simple inputs, catering to both new and experienced players.

Extra Background Information: Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry in Capcom's iconic fighting game series, known for its deep combat system and competitive scene. Zenless Zone Zero, developed by HoYoVerse, blends action and RPG elements in an urban fantasy setting, aiming to attract fans of high-intensity gameplay and stylish visuals.

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