gta superfan finds gta 6 jewelry in gta online update
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gta superfan finds gta 6 jewelry in gta online update

Jul 02, 2024 3:07 PM

Exciting findings have emerged for "Grand Theft Auto" fans due to the recent update in GTA Online. A piece of jewelry—specifically a necklace displayed by an iconic character in the "GTA 6" trailer—has been spotted in the newest GTA Online update, Bottom Dollar Bounties. Redditor DogWifDreads highlighted this, sparking discussions among the community. While some theorize that this necklace could hint at hidden meanings like possible release dates, most see it as a playful nod from Rockstar Games. This crossover naturally raises questions about how "GTA 6’s" online component will integrate with the existing GTA Online. Will it be a standalone game or included with "GTA 6"? Regardless, the fan excitement over "GTA 6" continues to grow as Rockstar aims for a fall 2025 release.

Will GTA Online be replaced when GTA 6 releases?n

It is yet uncertain whether Rockstar will replace the existing GTA Online with a new version when "GTA 6" releases. The community speculates that there might be integration or a transition similar to what Blizzard did with Overwatch 2, but official details have not been confirmed.

"Grand Theft Auto 6" has been highly anticipated for years. The game is set in a modern-day fictionalized version of Florida and will feature characters Lucia and a speculated male counterpart named Jason. The game's initial reveal trailer in December 2023 broke viewing records and has kept fans analyzing every detail since then. Despite internal conflicts within Rockstar over work policies, the company aims to release "GTA 6" in fall 2025, with possible delays being a point of speculation amongst fans.

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