Nintendo hints at new horror game with creepy smiling man
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Nintendo hints at new horror game with creepy smiling man

Jul 10, 2024 8:27 PM

Nintendo has unsettled fans with a mysterious new horror game teaser, potentially titled "Emio" or "Smiling Man." The teaser features a creepy figure with fluctuating expressions and has sparked intense speculation. Nintendo's surprise drop of this horror element is uncharacteristic, leading to further intrigue. Fans are theorizing about the origins, with some connecting it to Bloober Team's "Project M," a horror game slated for Nintendo platforms. No concrete details are available, but the unique combination of Nintendo and horror has the gaming community eagerly awaiting more information.

What is Project M from Bloober Team?n

Project M is a horror game in development by Bloober Team, known for their expertise in the horror genre. It was recently announced and is expected to come to Nintendo platforms, intensifying speculation that it might be related to the newly teased game "Emio."

Nintendo's history with horror games is limited, with titles like Luigi's Mansion being the extent of their foray into the genre. Luigi’s Mansion has been popular for its light-hearted take on haunted themes, making the sudden release of a seemingly more mature horror game even more surprising.

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