Palworld drops first major update: what Sakurajima adds
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Palworld drops first major update: what Sakurajima adds

Jun 27, 2024 8:30 AM

Palworld, a crafting and survival game often compared to Pokémon, has released its first major update since its record-breaking January launch. The Sakurajima update, version 0.3.1 on Steam and Xbox, introduces a new island, new Pals, and a host of other features. Players can now explore the Sakurajima island, which includes a tower protected by the new Moonflowers faction. New multiplayer content includes an oil rig controlled by the Rayne Syndicate in the Desiccated Desert, where players can team up to defeat powerful enemies and extract crude oil. This oil is used to craft new high-tier equipment called Plasteel. The update also raises the level cap to 55, introduces a new Dragon Pal raid, reworks the building system, and adds new items, weaponry, and Pal cosmetics. Despite the game's success, it has faced controversy over claims of copying Pokémon, and Nintendo has taken steps to protect its intellectual property.

When was Palworld originally released?

Palworld was launched in early access form in January 2024 on PC via Steam and on Xbox as a day-one Game Pass title.

Palworld, developed by Pocketpair, quickly gained attention with its unique mix of crafting, survival elements, and capturing creatures, reminiscent of the Pokémon series but with the added twist of weaponry and combat. Despite the game's initial success, it has not been without controversy. Claims of similarities to Pokémon led to legal scrutiny from Nintendo, adding a layer of intrigue and tension to the game's development story. The Sakurajima update aims to enhance the gaming experience further with new features and improvements, hoping to maintain and grow its substantial player base.

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