nba 2k25: tatum and wilson share cover, launches in september
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nba 2k25: tatum and wilson share cover, launches in september

Jul 10, 2024 11:15 AM

Boston Celtics star and 2024 NBA champion Jayson Tatum, along with WNBA champion A'ja Wilson, will appear on the cover of NBA 2K25, releasing on September 6, 2024, for multiple platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC. NBA legend Vince Carter is featured on the Hall of Fame Edition. NBA 2K25 aims to merge NBA and WNBA experiences, with Tatum describing the cover feature as "humbling," and Wilson celebrating it as a milestone for the WNBA. The game promises extensive features like MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes, with exclusive content for PS5, Xbox Series X, S, and PC players, such as a new era in MyNBA, an interactive City, and cross-play capabilities. Various editions are available, including the Standard, WNBA, All-Star, and Hall of Fame editions.

What new features does NBA 2K25 offer on next-gen platforms?

NBA 2K25 on next-gen platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC) includes a sixth era in MyNBA, a more compact and interactive City, enhanced MyCAREER and MyTEAM modes, and cross-play capabilities.

Being the only mainline basketball franchise, NBA 2K has faced recent criticism over microtransactions and open-world elements. The developers seem to address some concerns with a "more compact and interactive city" in NBA 2K25. Despite the game's success, the previous installment received mixed reviews, emphasizing the balance developers need to strike between gameplay quality and monetization strategies.

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